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Unimac Commercial Ironing Equipment

Unimac Commercial Ironing Equipment MD VA DC WV DE

UniMac Heated Roll Ironers

UniMac has been recognized around the world as the leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. We produce, sell and support more commercial washers and dryers in North America than any other company, and we continue to expand globally. Our product is built to provide the highest quality finish, operate with the highest efficiency and provide the user with the details that make a difference. Available in six models, our heated roll flatwork finishers deliver seriously superior results for any size operation. Their quality construction does more than ensure durability and lasting performance – it will also help you save on energy costs. Thicker steel and a 300° angle of contact allow our machines to achieve a lower Btu consumption, while our specialized micro control allows for a wide array of energysaving settings.

Key Features

  • The micro control allows for pre-sets of temperature and speed settings
  • Low Btu consumption ratings will save you money
  • low Btu consumption ratings will save you money with several safety features including a safety bar and manual crank in power failure situations
  • Feeding tray to assist in feeding napkins or longer items.
  • Our nomex feed belts are designed to last longer and always look good.
  • Our nomex ironing belts are connected with staples and include a nomex covering to protect your linens from damage.
  • The compact design allows for the unit to be installed just inches from the back wall.



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